About UCI RealBond

When Planning to construct your own property or renovating it, you should consider waterproofing it. Especially in areas where there is frequent rainfall or high humidity levels that allows the moisture to seep in, weakening the formulation of your process property, furthermore, it allows rapid growth of mold, algae and mildew which not only looks horrible but can actually threaten your property’s construction. Therefore, it is important to invest a little on waterproofing your property or waste your hard-earned money in repairing irrevocable structural damage to the building.

Manufactured & formulated with Imported German Material

Beneficial for

Water Rising

Protect your Precious Property from water damage by waterproofing


RealBond waterproofing material can be used for waterproofing, crack filler and as an admixture with cement.


RealBond waterproofing material can be used for waterproofing, crack filler and as an admixture with cement.

For Waterproofing

Auqacrele can be used for every type of roof, water tank, dampness of walls and as primer before applying the paint, Before applying RealBond effected area needs to be cleaned with the help of sandpaper or wire brush, to get rid of any dust or grease residue. Now use a clean buckt or pan to mix 1kg packet of material with 700ml or roughly 3 glasses of water slowly to make perfect solution, Do not pour the required water together but slowly. Also to slightly wet the affected area before applying the material with the hel of a sprayer or similar way. Now apply the material with the help of paint brush similar fashion as apply paint, Mixture needs to be mixed thoroughly upon every brush dip. First coat needs to be applied vertically and second horizontally or vice versa. Each 1kg material mixture after two coats should give 30-35 square foot coverave and make the desired place waterproof.

For Cement Admixture

Wether it is concrete filling, wall masonry, plastering, flooring or water tank construction, it iss very useful to use RealBond as an admixture in every cement work. This make the concrete extremely strong and waterproof.

This eliminates the problems of seepage or leakage in the luture and protects the building from potential water damage. 1 kg to 5 kg of Aquacrete can be used as admixture for 50 kg cement bags.

For Crack filling

Usually cracks do no fill properly with cement and they keep recurring and at times change from small to larger cracks as well, RealBond can also be used as crack filler, To fill cracks mix 200-250 mls of water in 1kg RealBond and make a paste, Before that make mixture of RealBond similar to using for waterproofing and apply in the crack and before it does, fill it with the paste, AquaCrete can be used wigents, and standing waater, etcth sand and cement to fill the larger cracks.